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Related article: Date: Tue, 18 Nov 2003 11:15:18 +1100 From: james robinson Subject: After School Shower part 4 After School Shower. Part 4 by justjames17This story is a figment of my imagination and has nothing to do with real life, the persons in the story are fictitious.If you don't like stories concerning sex between males or if it is illegal to read such matter in your country then go no further.I would be delighted to hear any constructive comments regarding this story, if you have any ideas for new directions this story may take please email me at justjames17hotmail.comAll flames will be extinguished on Preteen Loli Nude receipt.I had written 3 pages of this episode when my computer swallowed the lot while I was typing and before I could save it to disc. So I must start all over again.I hope you enjoy the story as much as I have enjoyed writing it. The three boys left the showers and after drying off their fit smooth young bodies went to the Locker room to dress in their school uniforms. They finished dressing and Peter noticed that Larry was very quiet, he turned to the partially dressed lad and asked, " What is wrong Larry, you are very quiet?"Larry turned to him and there were tears running down his cute cheeks, his face twisted up and he sobbed, " I'm sorry Peter but I'm scared of what Terry will do to me if he gets me alone, he frightened me when he was thrusting his big boner into my crack."Peter said to the scared young boy, " Don't worry about Terry, I have a plan for teaching him a lesson and it will involve all three of us. Would you like to come back to my house with Gary and I will fill you both in about it?"Larry smiled a little and said, " Ok where do you live?"Peter told him the address and Larry said, " That's cool I live only two streets away so it is on my way home."The three boys walked out of the pool complex and strolled to Preteen Loli Nude the bus stop arriving just as the green monster ground to a halt, hissing compressed air, the doors opened and they climbed aboard showing their school travel passes to the driver who just grunted and told them to move to the back as usual. The journey was uneventful and they just chatted idly about school and studies, the bus reached their stop and the three leapt off and ran to Peter's house. Peter unlocked the door and called out loudly to see if his parents were home, but his voice echoed around the empty rooms showing nobody was there.The lads headed for the kitchen and raided the refrigerator taking out cans of soft drink ( soda ) and then grabbed some biscuits ( cookies ) then headed upstairs to Peter's bedroom. They bounded through the door and dropped their back packs on the carpet as Peter closed the door, Gary threw himself onto the king sized bed and Larry flopped into the swivel chair at the computer desk. Peter said, " Lets get more comfortable. " He began to take off his uniform as Gary followed his lead, both boys were soon lying there in their underwear, Peter in briefs and Gary in boxers.Larry removed his tie and jacket but hesitated to strip any further, peter looked at him and said, " It's ok to strip off no one's home but us and they wont be back for hours yet, so feel free to strip off too."Larry blushed and said, " I haven't been with a boy till today and I'm just not too sure what I should do Peter. I enjoyed what we did though but Terry scared the crap out of me when he grabbed me and started poking his monster boner into my ass."Peter just smiled reassuringly at him and said, " It's ok just relax and do what you feel comfortable doing."Gary laughed and said, " Yeah Larry, don't worry about us we have the same gear you have so you don't need to be embarrassed. "Larry grinned Preteen Loli Nude self consciously and said, " Well not quite the same gear, yours are much larger than my little dick."Peter and Gary laughed and said, " You are younger than us but that sweet meat you have is so cool it is awesome."Larry blushed and asked, " Do you really think so? I feel a bit inadequate in the cock department compared to you two and especially Terry."Peter laid his hand gently on Gary's flat muscular stomach and traced his fingers down the slight happy trail leading into his boxers, Gary wriggled and sighed as the wandering hand slipped under the waist band of the boxers and followed the trail till it located the thick bush around Gary's hot meat. Peter squeezed the warm cock till it began to stiffen and rise towards the roof, he then worked the cock out the fly opening so it was standing vertically in the air. Larry's eyes were fixed on the sight and his eyes widened while his pink tongue caressed his soft lips, the gleam in his eyes as he watched the fleshy tower standing out from the boxers was quite obvious. Gary clenched his ass muscles causing his groin to arch higher and his penis to flex and wobble slightly as Peter pulled his hand out of the soft material and slid up to his pecs lightly stroking his nipples.Gary writhed around and moaned softly, Larry was nearly drooling from his sweet lips as he ogled the sight of Gary lying there erect and twitching. Peter looked at the mesmerised boy and touched his trouser clad knee, he quietly said, " Larry why don't you strip off your trousers and join us here."Larry in a dreamlike state slowly stood up, his eyes fastened on Gary's body and cock, and dropped his daks to the floor then had to sit down and remove his shoes to take them off completely. He then walked across and knelt down between Gary's thighs staring at the crimson glans in front of him, as he stared a clear diamond of liquid formed at the swollen urethra opening and gleamed in the light. Larry bent down slowly inhaling the aroma issuing from Gary's crotch and his tongue tip gently touched the drop of pre cum sipping it and transferring it to his mouth. The flavour was bland though a little salty but quite palatable, Larry reached up and wrapped his hand around the throbbing penis squeezing it as he stroked his hand up to the knob. The urethra opened and a small gusher of slippery juice oozed out to be quickly licked and tongued into Larry's mouth.Gary was groaning as Larry stroked him and sucked his spongy crimson knob, the feelings transmitted by the laving tongue and sliding lips were awesome and his nuts were soon moving in their velvet sack. Peter was stroking Larry's back feeling the nobs of his spinal discs and the still forming muscles ridging on each side of the supple spine. Larry was becoming excited as his body responded to the stimulation, Peter reached down and felt for the boy's prick and found it hard and standing erect, his hand wrapped around it and he began to stroke him through his briefs. Larry was fast reaching climax and Gary's penis was swelling inside his mouth, suddenly both boys exploded and Larry's mouth filled with the creamy issuing from Gary's body. Larry meanwhile spurted his load into his briefs saturating the soft cotton as Peter continued stroking him milking every drop from his nuts, the climax drained the young boy and he collapsed onto Gary's stomach in a faint.Peter was astounded at the reaction and knelt there grasping the deflating penis, his hand coated in cum as it strained through the cotton briefs. He released the cock and brought his hand up to his nose inhaling the aroma of Larry's sweet young spoof, his tongue ventured out tasting and licking the nectar from the lad's empty nuts. The taste spurred him on and he looked at the heaving back and tight little buns in front of him and he reached out cradling the boy's inert body and lifted his limp body up onto the bed turning him over onto his back.Larry lay there struggling for oxygen, his body limp like a very gorgeous rag doll, his young chest and abdomen heaving erotically as his lungs dragged in life giving oxygen. A groan escaped his open lips and the eyelids, adorned with the longest almost white eyelashes, fluttered as consciousness slowly returned to his emotionally sperm drained young body. Peter slowly caressed the heaving smooth tanned flesh of Larry's chest slowly inching their way down over the juvenile six pack till he reached the sodden briefs. He hooked his fingers under the waist band and raised the elastic opening the way to the cute cock hidden within, he bent over a little to see the limp little sausage lying there nestled on the tiny dark blonde triangle of Larry's pubic hair. Peter eased the damp cotton down till the complete genital area was exposed to his view, his heart leaped in his tensed chest as he realised he had been holding his breath the whole time he had been opening Larry's groin to view.A gasp escaped his lips as he sucked air into his starved lungs, his penis was steel hard and poking out towards Larry, the tight cotton of his briefs nearly bursting from the tension of his rampant love muscle. The cotton of his briefs saturated with pre cum, nearly as wet as Larry's were from his ejaculation, he rubbed the hot throbbing knob against Larry's thigh in long slow thrusts, causing excruciating sensations to roar through his stimulated body. Larry regained consciousness and his equilibrium as he opened his eyes to see Peter leaning over him, he thought for a second he had died and gone to heaven. He reached his arms up to enfold Peter's muscular neck and gently pulled him down till their mouths locked and their soft lips touched. Peter sighed and kissed Larry fervently grinding their lips together then he licked his tongue over the young pink petal like lips as Larry opened to his touch, Peter sucked the sweet appendage into his warm mouth sucking the saliva of the young lad into his hungry mouth. Larry whimpered and pushed his tongue as far as he could into the warm wet orifice, and began to wriggle it around the sexy tasty hole as Peter's tongue danced frantically over his white teeth, gums and palate. Their moans sang a duet into the quite atmosphere causing Gary to become aroused as he watched his best friend snogging the sexy boy, he began to stroke both their heads ruffling their hair. His cock leaping erect as Peter fondled him with one hand as he stroked his own turgid tool through his soggy underwear.Larry groaned and pushed his hips up into Peter's abdomen as he became further aroused and Peter moved up slightly till his boner was pressed hard against the boy's brief covered ass cleft. He began to hump his lance quickly into the spread crevice, his engorged knob prodding against the lad's perineum and tightly clenched pucker. Larry's hands slid down over the hot sweaty muscled back until they locked onto the hard rubbery cheeks and he pulled Peter harder into his body, Peter shuddered and groaned as he hammered harder into the hot moist underwear covered cleft. Larry spread his legs even wider and Gary grasped the leg nearest him and lifted it up onto his lap, stretching the boy open to Peter's grinding pole. Gary began to run his fingers slowly and sensuously over the boy's trembling soft inner thigh causing whimpering mewls to issue from Larry as he frantically writhed beneath Peter.Larry's hands dropped from Peter's hard muscled buns to fumble frantically underneath trying to pull his briefs down so the Preteen Loli Nude punching spongy knob could contact his fiery twitching ass hole. He finally Preteen Loli Nude worked the tight elastic down and felt the large round glans contact his pucker and as Peter thrust hard against him, he tried to push back and he felt his virginal ass muscle recoil at the abrupt intrusion and he pushed down to expel the prospective invasion but this opened his tight muscle allowing the engorged flesh to force it's way inside his anal canal. He squealed in pain and fright as he felt the burning sensation as his virginal hole was ravaged, stretched and punctured by Peter's thick warm lance. He tried to push Peter back from him but the pain of his deflowering weakened his body as he ineffectually flailed around beneath the larger heavier lad.Peter was lost in a haze of sexual heaven as his penis was enfolded, wrapped in the intensely hot tight anus of the sweet boy he was kissing and penetrating. Gary was watching and caressing the slim young thigh while he was jerking off his own hard cock, his mind picturing the insides of Larry as Peter's beautiful boner stretched and filled the untouched territory. He was remembering his own deflowering when Peter fucked him the day they got drenched after school only twenty four hours ago, the vivid memory still so fresh in his brain. He knew the incredible pain of entry, which turned into such unbelievable joy and excitement as that glorious pole worked on his secret places deep inside his body.Larry's body tried to reject the invasion and he tensed his muscles causing the pain to increase till he whimpered begging Peter to stop, Peter was deaf to all sound as his whole being was concentrated in the throbbing heat of his penis as it slowly ground into the incredibly tight canal of the now sobbing lad. Peter's hip bones pressed against the soft rubbery cheeks as his pubes flattened onto the taughtly stretched ass cleft, he was now fully embedded inside this furnace of smooth, velvety moist, tightly gripping flesh. He lay there cuddling the boy to his chest whispering into his tear stained strained face, " Oh Larry you are fantastic, your ass is so hot and tight please don't cry, I'm sorry if I hurt you but that is past now. You will feel so good in a minute or so as your tunnel adjusts to my cock."Larry lay there inert, his breathing coming in sobbing bursts as he continued to weep as his body ached from the painful stretching and filling of his virginal rectum, the burning sensation slowly subsided as Peter's cock pulsed gently deep inside his guts until the feeling began to turn to pleasure as the thick meat caressed his small prostate as it pulsed to the beating of Peter's heart. Peter felt the change in Larry's body as he relaxed completely and he began to move his embedded pole slightly back and forth stimulating the tiny prostate sending jolts of joy through the boy's body.Larry sighed softly and wriggled his ass beneath Peter and that was enough to stir Peter's desires as he began to gently thrust back and forth revelling in the incredible sensations as Larry's tight tube massaged his super sensitive knob. The boy's anal muscles clamping and relaxing as his tool backed and filled soon caused the final hard thrust as Peter's body tensed driving deeply into the clutching flesh inside Larry's taught body. He groaned as his nuts exploded pumping huge gouts of pearly semen through the swollen urethra and out the pulsing plum sized knob as his body spasmed and trembled in ecstasy. Larry clamped down tightly on the erupting tool as he yelped firing a load onto Peter's flexing abdomen, both boys covered in sweat and semen as Gary reached his own climax covering Larry's tensed thigh with his offering.All three lads collapsed back onto one another and lay there lost to the world as their brains roiled in sexual overload. Peter recovered slightly and peeled his torso off Larry squelching as the seal of cum broke between their overheated flesh. He raised up and collapsed onto Preteen Loli Nude the bed next to Larry who was again unconscious from the extremely high climax. Peter lay, raised up on one elbow, puffing slightly as he admired the young boy's superb body gleaming with his discharge as his body gasped for air. Peter bent over and began to lick the tight young chest clean while Gary started at the deflated little cock and worked his way up the lad's stomach. They met at the ribcage and their mouths locked as they kissed one another fervently sharing their cum flavoured saliva. Larry regained his senses opening his eyes to the vision of these two hunky studs smooching above his naked bodyHe lay there watching the two boys he fancied more than anyone on earth as they kissed and fondled one another's toned cut bodies, their pricks at full mast, and his psyche reacted immediately hardening his limp penis till it was firmly locked against his flat lower belly. He couldn't resist reaching up grasping the two cocks as they stood hard and thick trembling in the air, Peter and Gary felt the small hands grasp and squeeze their boyhoods causing their kisses to become more heated and frantic as they groaned together. Larry wriggled down between the boy's knees and studied the two different cocks more closely, Peter's six inches of thick meat with it's almost naked pubic mound and Gary's 5 inch rearing out of the thick black bush, even though Gary was more hirsute his nuts were smaller than Peter's and Gary's sack was more wrinkled while Peter's was so smooth and he could see the veins clearly in the soft shiny skin. Larry lifted the scrotums up and viewed the soft skin mound running from the testicles to the pink puckered ass holes. Gary's had the continuation of the seam like marking that adorned his wrinkled sack and the line ran all the way to his slightly hairy winking hole, while Peter's was smooth and velvety in appearance and there was hardly a hair to be seen. Larry slipped his tongue out and tasted the smooth nut bag as Peter flinched in joy, then he slid his tongue onto the furry sack containing Gary's gonads. Both recipients of this tender tasting groaned aloud as their tongues frantically danced together as they salivated heavily into each others sucking mouths. Their sounds of pleasure muffled by the frantically fencing tongues and locked lips.Peter pulled back from his boy friend's lips and said, " Gees Larry please don't get us excited again we've got to sort out the plan to fix Terry's wagon."Larry grumbled as Gary and Peter both moved back and sat on the edge of the bed and groped for their underwear pulling them up over their hard cocks. Peter pulled Larry's sodden briefs off his legs and handed him a pair of shorts to put on, he looked at the cute young genitals as the boy pulled the baggy shorts up covering his jewels. Peter whispered in his ear, " I'm going to keep your briefs if you don't mind, as a reminder of what a hot spunky boy you are."Larry blushed and mumbled, " Gees Peter, you are welcome to them but I want to swap them for a pair of yours."The lads all sat around chatting for a short while, then Peter got down to the plan he was hatching to teach the overbearing Terry a lesson. He told the boys that Larry could ask Terry to accompany him home one afternoon and when they got there, Larry should let Terry have his way but that they would be waiting in the hallway outside. When they heard Larry ask Terry to stop, they would set upon him and tie him to the bed, lashing his arms to the head board and tying his feet loosely to the foot of the bed. Then Larry would undo his clothing baring his body, if he wasn't already naked, and they would all begin to lick him all over while fingering his muscular ass and stroking his cock and balls. Larry was uncertain if the three of them would be able to overpower the larger stronger boy and Peter assured him that if they worked together it would be possible. Gary and he would disable his arms by grabbing him and throwing him flat on the bed holding his arms outstretched so Larry could lash his wrists to the bed.The three boys decided that the plan might work and they would play it by ear when the time came, if Terry stripped off before they attacked him all the better but it would be up to Larry to organise the preliminaries and they would move when he indicated it was time for their attack. The boys finished their planning and all went into the shower and cleaned themselves up while enjoying a good amount of fondling, poking, sucking and feeling one another. Preteen Loli Nude They dried off and dressed, Larry going home without underwear but with Peter's briefs secure in his back pack.
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